THIS FRIDAY, NOV 26TH Buy a new Near Infrared Light Heat Therapy Sauna and get 20% off. Its healing benefits and red lights will keep you healthy and warm this winter.
I broke my ankle (in 3 places) and I healed it completely without surgery with this NIR incandescent light sauna - then called The Pocket Sauna. It healed my wounds, relieved the inflammation, and regenerated my bones at the cellular level. 
It saved my life, because without it I don't think it would have healed normally. Two years later, I can now walk again, when for months I wasn't so sure if I would. 
For me, it was well worth the investment to stay out of the hospital, especially in 2021. I use it every day. It's the answer to good health.
Get 20% Off your new sauna on Nov 26th -- for 24 hours only:

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